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His hands are embracing foot to have one the Zhang the tube-like in shape object of much Gao.
"Does water leak?"Teng green mountain eyebrows a wrinkly.
On nine state the earths, the tool has a sundial, sand filter and water to leak many tools of etc.s while accounting.But this water leak of work principle, be have an eyelet in the water clock bottom, so, water in the water clock will continuously flow to drip by the speed that the Heng settle, along with flow to drip ……but that floats in the surface of engrave one degree iron needle will slowly descend.
When water current light, engrave the top of one degree iron needle, just right and the water clock top is together even.
Hold water once, generally can keep on to slowly flow to drip 12 hours.
"Various Ge dollar Hong!Water in"that decorous voice again spreads, " leaked you to also see, three hours!You only have three hours!"
Stand in the city wall, hunt of various Ge dollar the Hong opened mouth for the first time, the clear and bright voice also broke empty spread to pass by:"Thou Yong, I return a dollar religion to have a foothold river rather county already more than 1,000 year, you want to return my dollar religion to become with everything burned down, this isn't an easy matter.Avoiding harming each other is friendly, still don't take up arms well."
"Ha ha ……" thou Yong answers, only is a string of cachinnation voice.
《Placard in the sky 》 ranks two big rare strongs of the sixth, the seventh.Be separated three insides, completed simple dialogue.
Green battalion camp in the lake island, the 13 inborns strong is together coming together.
That wears helmet ground blue general to say with smile:"This various Ge dollar Hong, arrived this up, unexpectedly still not not urgently irritable, also say'avoid harming friendly, still don't take up arms a ground of good', is really funny!Wait we to put out he returns a dollar religion, I see him not urgently hasty!"The other inborn is strong also all smiled, there is self-confidence in the laughter!
"Each elder, slice can not small lo that various Ge dollar Hong."The thou Yong smile way."According to before planning, the first, cooperate to kill a various Ge dollar Hong;The second captures alive the young man that calls a Teng green mountain."
"Stop worrying, lord in the island."
Those inborns are strong all smile to nod, although is self-confident, can they aren't arrogant.
"Everyone returns to big debt to stop for rest, three hours after, prepare to launch to always offend."The thou Yong order way, in fact of so drag along three hours, on being the soldier of silver Jiao to jolt to walk faster this all the way, more tired, stop for rest three hours, the physical strength can attain a highest point.Two BE, let the non-commissioned officer of returning a dollar religion, the pupils, at frightened mid-degree lead three hours.
Thou Yong just those words, be good enough to let to return a dollar religion much public to living scare.
Is frightened mid-degree lead three hours, the morale will decline to a low valley.
On the city wall, came together to count myriad people, closely.
The bise rises and start to blow various Ge dollar Hong to cover with to spread ground long.
"Huge younger brother Shi."Various Ge dollar Hong order way, " you go to inside city, be responsible for inside the city person's Ma Diao's parties."Returning the part of a dollar Zong Ren Ma is at this river rather in the city wall of county city, there are also parts all at inside city.
"BE, believe in a lord."Huge mountain Gong body.
"Believe in a lord, such as if someone is frightened to flee elsewhere, should how?"The huge mountain asks a way again.
Various Ge dollar Hong cool way:"All all, protect a method as follows of, face a Kui to escape, pass enter dungeon!Such as if resist, all sentence to death!All all, protect a method one class and upwards of, but any faces a Kui to escape ground and all breaks pubic region, the pass enters dungeon.Resist, equally sentence to death!"
"BE."The huge mountain is in response to the way.
At believe in a hinterland more high, punish on the contrary more strict.
In fact yesterday Teng green mountain they withdrew a regression dollar religion and returned a dollar religion to quickly gather person's horse.Among them outer circle pupil in some don't fight a personnel, mostly all send away.The wife and childrens that still there is core pupil, black A soldier non-commissioned officer, and the real strenght is also too weak, mostly all leave to return a dollar religion, get into other places of county cities.
Others have to greet war!

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