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Tang Guo and Ran winter night, Lin Bao Er, west shallow language in the door etc. person nature is to worry leaf for autumn of peace or chaos, west door earthquake and west the door is always pure, west door always letter then worry leaf for autumn if what surprised, if oneself gives an account to Lin Jia.
After all, the leaf is nominally Lin Jia's son-in-law autumn now.But west door household is Hong Kong's biggest household, can not even protect a persons, explain to let Lin Jia Di person listen to, will they believe?
Iron cow is also**do not be stained with a sofa, the huge piece of head walks around in the living room ground, is like a knoll of ambulation ground.His quite a few is next in importance to go out to seek a leaf of autumn, all drive to blocked down.He goes out by himself, even canning not finding roads is afraid.
Iron cow runs to the Ran winter night in front, become nervous ground to ask a way:"Winter elder sister Ye, loach elder brother Zha still doesn't come back?"
The Ran smiles to comfort iron cow winter night and says:"Don't worry, he is very quick and then will come back."
Say for a ground of time like this, in fact be also comforting herself.Lin Bao Er give°s the circumstance to say the ground is dangerous matchless, her center of earth also hangs a ground of very high.The autumn of the leaf didn't come back, also also can mourn so.Beat a leaf ground for autumn cellular phone, can stir a dozen each time, don't in service area is all customer whom you stir a dozen.
Hear inside in the telephone mechanically spread this sentence each time, a group of chemisette in the minds also more icy cold several cents.
This answer obviously can not make iron cow satisfied, he runs to Tang Guo's in front again and asks a way:"Tang Guo Jie, loach elder brother Zha still doesn't come back?"
Hold an apple in Tang Guo Di's hand, that top has already been kneaded numerous nails by her to print.Hear iron cow ground problem, the bitterness says with a smile:"Do I still want to seek an individual to ask."
Iron cow runs to Lin Bao Er's in front again and says:"Treasure elder sister Er, loach elder brother Zha still doesn't come back?"
Lin Bao Er stared his one eye and said:"Forbid to call my elder sister, I didn't°yet are you big."
Wiping the silvery pistol in the hand is again a time of, Lin Bao Er holds a gun to say to the person in the house:"You need not worry.The autumn of the leaf can't occupy.Who if dare to pull out him a hair, even if revenge for flat ground, I also wanting for him Hong Kong Yi."
The autumn of the leaf enters the time of house and at the right moment hears Lin Bao Er, this fully inclined to violence's words.This wench, how heel bandit?Talking bandit smell is hundred percent.
"Who want to chase Hong Kong Yi as flat ground?"The leaf stands on the doorway the autumn and smilingly asks a way.
Just returning bandit to annoy is hundred percent, after shouting and making Hong Kong Yi seeing the leaf to come back for autumn for Lin Bao Er of the flat ground, one face surprise, then run and then run to the leaf autumn.
A head of plants into a leaf autumn bosom, weep and sniffle ground to say:"Blare-leaf autumn, you came back on the whole.You don't know that the somebody else how worried you.Blare, if you don't come back again, the somebody else can not also live-"
The autumn of the leaf hugs Lin Bao Er's shoulder, is really in distress situation.The life and death Bo once experienced just on the other hand Dou, seeing Lin Bao Er whom oneself have been worrying still safely can cry can make, the in the mind of leaf autumn is very happy.Moreover and on the other hand, she this the style of the front and back change still really let people's eyes not the Xia answer.
"Good.I was all right.You not is live ground thoroughly?"The autumn of the leaf claps her shoulder, the comforter says.When wear so many people's noodles to hug to embrace of, leaf autumn return be really some put not to open.
"You don't come back again, I accompany you to die."Lin Bao Er says.But is also know this time isn't suitable for to long-lastly rush toward in bosom of leaf autumn, the station kept body to back a part.
The wound that the Ran sees a leaf for autumn tie up in the hand winter night loves ground to ask a way:"The autumn of the leaf, your hand how?Got hurt?"
"Nothing.Some skin external injury.Have been already tied up."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
"Where did you tie up?How to tie up so simple and crude?Walk, I then re- bandage for you."The Ran pulls arm of leaf autumn winter night will backward the hospital walk to, the other people seldom see the appearance that the big star concern so a person.
Even if is a simpleton to also see out, Ran winter night and the leaf's autumn ground relation is very remarkable.

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